Galileo training

Ive suffered from a large amount of muscle wasting in my arms and legs leaving me quite weak. On top of this I suffer from dropfoot in both feet and clawing in both hands.

Ive been told by my physio to attend a gym and be active to build up my proximal muscles. I found a specialist gym that offers treatment to people with neurological disorders among which is the Galileo training, however this isnt covered by NHS and would cost me £50 a week for an hour session with a trainer.

I was wondering if anyone else has had similar treatment? what were the results? Am I just being taken for a ride? Any advice is much appreciated and here is the website for anyone interested.

Wow… Seems pricey but depends on what you can afford.

many MS Therapy centres offer Pilates & yoga treatments. Are you near one.

Some also have vibro-plates that stimulate muscles.

MS Therapy centres tend to do these at lower costs. Is this an option for you ?

i haven’t heard of Galileo so it’s worth researching it further.

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All you need is programme from your physio that targets areas of weakness and you can do the exercises at home, or at the gym.

These exercises are very good for strengthening core muscles.

You can get a dual channel fes that might help with drop foot issues and worth asking your GP to arrange for assessment.

No, you rae not being taken for a ride - just being ripped off!

My local MS Therapy Centre has a vibrating plate that you can stand on, or use sitting in a chair. This comes as part of the physiotherapy they offer at a maximum of £12 for 45 minutes.
You can buy small vibrating plate muscle toners for less than £200 suitable for home use. Just Google “Vibration Plate”.


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