Gagging reflex

Hello, Does anyone find that they gag a lot? I seem to gag on almost anything lately…food, brushing teeth or just out the blue. I don’t feel sick at all but it happens all of a sudden. At times I’ve literally choked myself from gagging halfway through swallowing. Just wondered if anyone else has experienced this? Thank you

I haven’t experienced this personally hope it gets better though!

I’ve recently found that I’m liable to choke on food; it’s like it’s hitting the back of my throat and either going the wrong way, or just simply choking me. The worst has been all bran so I switched to bran flakes, but that does it too. It can be almost anything, even a smallish bite of a sandwich. It doesn’t sound exactly like what you’ve got Honey, it’s not gagging, just choking on food.


Thank you for the replies :slight_smile:

I’m starting to wonder if its a symptom of my anxiety but it happens even when i’m not anxious (which is rare now)

I could be happily eating dinner and all of sudden i’m gagging on it, very strange!