Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone has been prescribed gabbapentin. My neurologist has just prescribed this to help with the tingling in my legs. Has it worked for anybody? I’ve Googled and not really found it to be used in ms patients. Thanks Dukes


I have been on gabapentin for many years. Firstly for my hip replacements and spine issues and then for my MS.

It has helped me significantly and gets me through the day.

All the best.

I’ve been on Gabapentin since 2013 (for tingling/pins and needles/outright pain) which worked really well, I had Amitriptyline added to combat L’Hermittes electric shocks at night (I usually sleep in a ball, everything tucked in - not a good position for L’Hermittes!).

Gabapentin is an anti-epileptic drug and Amitriptyline is an anti-depressant, but both work really well in scrambling pain signals hence their use for MS/neurological pain.

I’m on quite a high dose of Gabapentin for sensory symptoms, mostly in my legs but can be anywhere: sharp shooting pains like electric shocks, burning sensations and pins and needles. I also get cramps and jerks (spasms), and something called ‘The Hug’ which is intercostal muscle spasms, or in plain English - cramp of the ribcage. These symptoms are all reduced by the Gabapenitn, both in frequency and intensity, and often I’m symptom free.

For me, side-effects are minimal, I raised the dose very slowly over a long period, as per instructions from my neuro.

I hope it works for you, but if it doesn’t, then don’t worry, I believe the neuro has several other treatments up his sleeve.

Good luck



I’m on gabapentin for same reason. Up to 300mg x3 times per day. It built up to that dose slowly… To be honest, I have no idea if it helps or not. I still have tingly sensitive legs, and have done the whole time, and it is improving but so are all my symptoms - slowly. But not knowing if the tingly/sensitivity would have been worse without it…? who knows. I suppose I could have stopped taking it to find out - but would rather not just in case!


Hi guys.

Im new to all of this but am looking for some help if possible. Like the above Ive been having pain mostly in my legs. They jump all the time especially at night which keeps me awake I too sleep in a ball or on my belly with my feet hanging off the bed but they still jump and ache. I’m taking gabapentin,800mg morning noon and bed time. amitriptyline 20mg @ bedtime and tramadol 100mgs when needed. My legs are the worst they have been like this for poss 3 years it’s continues when it eases off its great and I think it’s gone for good then when it starts again, I feel about 80 not 45.

I have been to the doctor so many time. I sure they think I’m a hypochondriac. All they do is give me more tablets to take.

i did think it was related to my bones at first the same as my Gp I had so many X-rays on all joints as they did think I had rymotoid arthritis as my fingers have nobles on them but this was ruled out after that my Gp lost interest so now I’m stuck with pain, legs back hips at time all my muscles ache and are sore I’m so depressed about it. At times I just feel like ending it all I get so moody.ive read all of your web site and I have most of what the symptoms are or am I being daft please help.

Hi you poor thing,and no your not being daft i read your post and quoted what your next line was going to be. my advice to you would be see your Gp and ask to be referred to a ms specialist