I have been taking gabapentin for spastisity for 4 months but doesn’t seem to be helping at all. My knee will not bend so I am having to use a wheelchair to get around. I almost at max dose and would like advice from someone else who’s had a similar experience.

Thanks for reading this, you help is appreciated.


Most people take Gabapentin as a neuropathic pain reliever rather than for spasticity. Although it can be used for that.

I would think your best bet is to see your GP or neurologist (I assume you’ve been diagnosed with MS?) and see if you can swap to a different drug. Maybe Baclofen or Dantrium?


Hi I echo Sue in that I use gabapentin purely for pain relief and baclofen for spasticity. Baclofen works really well for me and on a good day the spasms are merely irritating little ripples !!