future treatments ppms

So I was wondering if people suffering think when or if there will ever been a ppms drug to slow the disease or even repair the nerves. From what I’ve been reading there is some positive work going on. Human kind had cured many illness before in the past.and 20 years ago there was nothing for rrms. Technology is moving on fast is it to optimistic of me to think there mite be a treatment in less than five years?

Hi siyman, I’m hopeful with the technology leaps & clever folk in the driving seat, that a cure is just around the next corner. Spending too much time worrying causes problems & life goes on regardless. I used to spend way too much time worrying myself. Meanwhile panic kicks in as things get out of hand. Personally I think just getting on with life & limiting the endless problems is far more calming. The term playing the cards we are dealt, sinks in eventually. Take care.

I think there is a lot of research going on into PPMS these days - see the MS Society’s information on the Progressive MS Alliance (

You may also be interested to read the Barts and The London research centre’s blog:

But life does go on in the meantime, we make the best of each day!

Take care.

As Lapwing has said PPMS is currently receiving a lot more focus. There is a clinical trial with the drug LAQUINIMOD that is due to start in April to investigate if progression can be slowed using this drug. Personally I think that advances in myelin repair are the best hope. I track progress at the Myelin Repair Foundation in the US