funny eyes


this morning my left eye went weird on me it started as if things were going slow then like i was looking through water and when i closed my eyes it was like white dots were there its hard o explain it lasted about 20 minutes then after that a severe headache came on and i havent managed to get rid of it all day im just wonering if anyone else had experienced the same

take care


x x x

Hi Sherrie, sounds very unpleasant. Also sounds a bit like migraine… which can affect the eyes badly.

It also of course might be ON. A simple test: Find something that’s red. Cover one eye and look at it, then cover the other eye and look at it. If the red doesn’t look right through either eye (looks brown or deep red) it could be ON. Anyway it’s easy to get it checked either at optician or GP.

If the colour red still looks ok then I think you should see GP anyway as I do think it might be migraine.

By the way… a warning with the ‘red’ test. You can spend hours covering one eye, checking if red is red… etc etc etc until you go nuts. Really with ON you would notice that ‘reds’ aren’t right immediatly so constant checking is a waste of time. Take if from someone who knows…

Pat x