Full Blown MS

Can any one tell me what the term FULL BLOWN MS means? I know we’re all different and that there is alot of different levels of disability among us, but how bad can this illness go? Death? Is there different kinds or forms of ms? How are you yourself doing and coping?


As far as i’m aware death in ms can only happen because of extreme complications caused by symptoms and other conditions. We are told you can’t die from ms. I have had ms for a year, and iam still very mobile. A family member has had ms for 30 years and nearing retirement, you couldn’t tell they have anything wrong with them.

Their are so many horror storys we just have to take it a day at a time.

Here’s a link to the types of ms:

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MS is A life sentence not a death sentence! Thank you and Thanks for the link x

I’m not sure you will get an honest answer to the “how bad can this go” question. I certainly wouldn’t worry/alarm anyone on here, even though I know sort-of first hand how bad it can be. I also know people at the other end of the spectrum too! Do you think it would help you to know how bad it can get? I’m not sure it would help anyone, knowing something that will probably never happen to you, but at the same time being a constant worry/stress.

Hope I’ve not offended…wasn’t my intention!

No no all good, no offence taken. It was a commenting had thrust at me today, not in a mean way but a thank your lucky stars kind of way.so it got me thinking and worrying. I don’t mean to alarm anyone out there I’m so very sorry if I have, forgive me it was not my intentions.

Hi Anon, there is no such thing as ‘full blown’ MS. It means nothing in medical terms but I suppose some people might use it to describe very aggressive MS symptoms.

As you know, MS is different for everyone, some have milder symptoms, a few more aggressive symptoms. Most are somewhere in the middle.

As Darren said, there can be complications with aggressive MS that has led to severe disability … but they are the same complications that can affect anyone with a very severe disability, MS or not.

One day at a time…

Pat x


I’ve not heard the term ‘full blown MS’ before. MS is very varied from Benign MS to Marburg MS http://www.mssociety.org.uk/what-is-ms/types-of-ms****. Even those with the same ‘type’ will be affected differently. Progressive MS can and does ‘burn itself out’. MS can switch between being benign and aggressive.

I have SPMS and it’s doing what it says on the label. I am waiting for it to burn itself out.

You may find this thread helpful to read http://www.mssociety.org.uk/forum/everyday-living/whats-oldest-person-you-know-ms

Unfortunately there is no way of knowing what an individual’s prognosis is. The best advice is to stay as fit and as healthy as you can and as Pat says ‘One day at a time’

Good Luck!