Frustration with PIP

This post is just me reaching out for some friendly advice. My Mum has had MS for over 20 years now and more recently things have started to deteriorate, most noticeably her memory. She loses things and forgets conversations we have had, even if they were half an hour ago. I understand this is all part of MS and some days are better than others. She has had PIP assessments before, but this time they called the house when I was out and my dad was upstairs. The assessment team questioned her about the forms and she was on the phone for nearly half an hour, to which the person mum spoke to made a comment about her being able to talk on the phone for that long, she was in such a state when I got back, I tried to calm her but she was so upset that she couldnt remember any of the conversation she had apart from what the person said at the end. She said they were just quick firing questions at her. She got so stressed out by it she has been in bed now for the last 2 days, just too exhausted to get up and her back is really painful. This post is more about my frustration with the PIP process and how they can treat people with MS so unfairly. I just dont know how to make the process easier for her, Its hard enough seeing her in pain day after day but this as well. It’s like they are trying to catch people with MS out, like they are faking it. No one would chose to have MS I’m sure, and it has to be diagnosed by a doctor through brain scans and assessments. I just dont understand how they can get away with this. Sorry, I’m writing this with tears of frustration and just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced anything similar. Thank you.

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If the PIP application is unsuccessful, you can if you are quick get a copy of the assessor report. You can also get a mandatory reconsideration. I would try and get another home visit but you need to ensure that the assessor has medical knowledge and experience. You should also make sure that another family member is present, even if they just listen.

Good luck

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Hi did your mum get her PIP sorted? I had to transfer from DLA to PIP after 20 years and found the whole thing torturous. I did get the right award, but don’t feel it is a fair system either.

I don’t blame you. First of thing DWP benefit agencies are hopeless making benefit well paid to wrong wellbeing people as use monies spending on flash cars, independent holidays. Suffering many serve disabled and hard work NHS Staffs. Wake up Benefits Agencies and Government.

Assessor at Benefits Agencies do have no experience of all various type of disability needs. They don’t have big brother around to catching fraudulent or wrong level of income.