frustrated and fed up with doctors

hi i have been feeling unwell for quite a few years now but whilst i was gradually getting worse its now hit me really hard. i have numerous symptoms many of which can be attributed to a few different conditions how ever i have been hitting my head against a brick wall… so to speak. with my doctors and pain management team.whilst they say at present they think i have fibro mialgia none of the meds i have been given seem to help at all and there are so many symptoms that dont all happen at once i am so down and deppressed about things and fed up with the fact that they keep saying my weight does not help, like im stupid or something but this is a viscious circle and i was suffering before i became overweight. i have been told on many different occasions with care workers and people involved in my care that many of my symptoms are that of ms so i am wondering if any one can relate to these i know this is a long list of symptoms but please trust me when i say these are true symptoms and happen alot for every one or two good days lately im getting many more bad and the relapses are getting worse each time. please could someone , anyone take a look and let me know what you think as i am thinking of paying to go private now as so frustrated.

Symptoms include:

swallowing and choking, fatigue, numbness, pins and needles, tingling particulally in arms hands and feet. muscles spasms, twitching. pains from severe stabbing to aching, burning sensations skin irritation muscle weaknes trouble holding things and opening things lifting and carrying.shaking, dizzy spells and loss of balance . had numerous falls.pains in eyes deterieration with eyesight, joint pain stiffness. constantly thirstyskin irritaion if someone or something touches me even slightly it burns or causes pain.i have bowel and bladder issues sometimes resulting in incontinence. i suffer with mouth blisters severe headaches, neck pain stiffness. swollen hands and feet also the feeling of swelling sometimes but wen looking they not swollen. lack of sleep at night fall asleep at the drop of a hat in day even when i dont feel tired. trouble waling climbing stairs even bathing everdayday house hold chores i struggle with and left feeling exausted. depression severe mood swings one minute i can be ok next shouting for no real reason , crying laughing excitedness. lack of sex drive .i have panic attacks and anxiety i sometimes struggle with words and get numb mouth although i have had bells palsy twice the first time really bad and the second not as bad. every day is getting more and more of a challenge i am really frustrated i never no whether im going to be well or going to suffer on a daily bases im dont know what to do anymore i feel so bad. please if anyone can shed any light i would be extremly greatful. thank you for taking ther time to read this.