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Sorry if it’s been posted somewhere else but:

In this edition we have the extraordinary news that from next Monday, where a claimant is investigated by the DWP as a result of an entirely false and malicious accusation of fraud, they will automatically lose their disability living allowance (DLA) and be forced to make a claim for personal independence payment (PIP) instead.

There is also the sad, but unsurprising, news that following a hasty and entirely sham consultation, the government is to stick with the harsh 20 metre limit for claiming the higher rate of the mobility component of PIP. Existing claimants whose award is up for renewal from 28th October onwards will be affected. Although as this newsletter was being written, news came in that the roll out of PIP may now happen much more gradually than previously planned.

Where was that published? If the first part regarding accusations of fraud is accurate, then questions need to be asked as this does not happen with other benefits.

Birdlady, this was posted on the benefits and work website.

Gobsmacking isn’t it?

I may be being too cynical/suspicious but the first thing I thought when I heard this was that I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a sudden increase in the number of (false) fraud allegations.

They don’t investigate half of them anyway. I know with JSA (jobseeker’s allowance) that if the suspected fraud is less than £2500 that they don’t pursue and it is classed as an overpayment instead. Not good.