Has anyone experienced this. I’m pretty worried as I took unwell yesterday and was hauled off to hospital.

It all started with feeling a little nauseous, then getting the dizzy spells and the worst head pain i have ever experienced. I had not an ounce of energy and remained slumped on a chair in the kitchen. As the pain became worse the right side of my face became numb. It also felt as if someone had stuffed vicks vapour up the right hand side of my nose and throat. I could barely open my eyes. Partner was pit through to a nurse, an ambulance called, and I was taken the ten miles or so to hospital. Worst journey of my life but am grateful to the paramedics.

in hospital they done all the usual tests including a scan. I felt as if I couldn’t keep my eyes still in my head. My partner said that they were juddering around. Eventually i was very sick and then taken to ward for observation. That was yesterday.

This morning i felt slightlly better. Underwent a lumbar puncture which does not show a bleed and scan of brain clear thankfully.

Neurologist says perhaps pain and numbness are due to migraine but does not explain vertigo-like symptoms.

Have been discharged and referral letter says mri to follow and csf and cfs olicogonal bands to be checked.

Hope nice Neurologist sticks to his word to get to the bottom of this. Thought my time had come. Sorry, long post.


So sorry to hear you have been so ill, very frightening. I’m glad you are feeling a bit better though. Hopefully they will get you back on your feet and give you some answers soon. x

Thanks Teenbo and anonymous