French holiday my persona

Hi everyone,

Well, it’s just 3 weeks till I go on holiday to France. This is my first time away since being wheelchair bound. My daughter is doing all my personal care (a bit nerve wracking). We are staying in a French gite that is disability friendly and the owners are getting all the equipment in ie profiling bed with an airflow bed, hoist and shower chair.

I am a bit nervous about the journey, about 15 hours, but hopefully it’ll go ok and the holiday will out weigh the discomfort of the journey.

its another lovely morning here in Newquay :slight_smile:

Hope you have a great time,im sure you will,its the thinking about it thats the worse,once you set off you will be ok,hope you get good weather too.

J x

How exciting Jane. Lovely! Airport assistance is super and takes all the worry out of the actual flight journey. Where abouts are you staying? I’d love to go to France but my only options are Bordeux or Carcasonne from my nearest airport. Then getting to a smaller/quieter area over there seems like hard work. We never drive abroad.

Hi Jane

Oh how lovely, something to look forward to, and I expect the lovely holiday will far out weigh a tiring journey.

Have a truly wonderful holiday.

Pam x

I’m staying in Normandy, so northern France. We’ll be going ferry. Even though it’s a 5 hour crossing I am looking forward to that part. With The lovely wine there, I’ll have to make sure that I am not drunk in charge of a wheelchair :slight_smile: X

Hi Jane,

why go to Normandy when you live in Newquay and have Fistral Beach on your door step. I know where I would rather be.

Anyway, it`s a change of scenery and more importantly a break.

Have a good one.

Hello Jane.

I went on my own on a car ferry to Brittany a while back. I met some friends who were already in a gite and they helped me put my tent up. I wasn’t quite wheelchair bound then but I coped very well.

Have a great time; it’s a wonderful part of the world.


Oh Jane how exciting!

Looking forward to hearing how it all goes.


Jane enjoy your holiday,I recently spent fourteen hours on an adventure and it was magnificent. You will be fine

We want lots of pictures when you get back.


What a lovely picture. Newquay is gorgeous as is the whole of Cornwall. I feel very fortunate to live in a lovely part of the world.

going to France will make a welcome change and an opportunity to be with mt family :slight_smile: plus just think of the wine, French bread and cheese that’ll be flowing!!! X

Thank you,everyone for all your nice comments :slight_smile: xXX