Freaky leg!

I had problems with my right leg a while ago, kept giving way, felt like my knee was gong to pop out, but it cleared up, leaving just a general feeling of weakness, I can’t rest my weight on it when standing, it just feels a bit absent! But today I have this really freaky thing going on. It feels like something is rubbing/brushing against my knee and just above and to the left, rubbing or gently squeezing, like a ripple. Its so weird and hard to describe, not painfull though. I’m of to the doc this afternoon, for something else entirely, should I mention it do you think? Ive got a scan coming up next week.

Hi Hunny It wouldn’t do any harm to mention it would it? I have had something similar where I thought something was brushing up against my leg and when I looked there was nothing there! Good Luck, Teresa xx

I would mention it. It won’t do any harm.

Good luck.


How bizarre. For the last few days everytime I BEND over lol I keep feeling as though somthing is brushing up against the back of my right thigh, I even tried to have a look as I thought perhaps there was something hanging off me knickers and rubbing against my leg lol. NOTHING, zilch nadar.

Its weird just weird lol. Glad it isnt just me then lol. x

Well it wasnt me

LOL @ mrbob! We really need those ‘like’ buttons pretty quick.

I’m loving that we can now go back to where we were when we press the back key now though


Couldnt resist coming out with that one