Freaking out...

Hi everyone, I’m currently in limboland and have been since March. Lesions present on MRI’s. Active ones in March, not in June. Had a LP 2 weeks ago. Got a letter today saying that on request of the neurologist I am to be seen as a ward attender on the day case unit next Friday. What the heck does this mean? It’s the department of neurosciences. The same ward I had my LP. I’m guessing they found something but am really worried as to why I’ve been called in. Does anyone have any ideas or experience of this type of thing? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

Hi, i cant say what that means but suggest you give yr neuro secretary a ring and ask for more info. Usually, appointments given for neuro clinic, it may just be that he’s using the neurosciences ward to see people that day. At least it’s not a long wait but ring for reassurance, or Ms nurse if you have details of one. It sounds like they are being thorough now and seeing you quickly after test. Try not to stress, easier said than done, you’ve had a long limbo time, i know its just horrible as been in it since May myself. Take care. Jules

Thank you. I rang and they said it’s in the ward because his clinic doesn’t have any appointments so I’m worried now as it seems more urgent but I guess he wouldn’t want to keep me in limbo any longer than necessary so I guess it’s good. I hate seeing him at the best of times but just trying to get through the next week or so and see what the appointment brings. Thanks for replying. I appreciate it.

Try not to worry - Limboland is not as fun as Disneyland - except the queues are longer.

Most of us would welcome an appointment - think of it as a win/win situation

I’ve had my MS diagnosis without the LP results (3 weeks and counting)

Dr A