Forehead tightness

hi again, not been on for a while (things have been goin well :)), i got a steady job again and i feel a lot better, less dizziness, fatigue has disapeared into the abyss, so happy. Only thing i notice these day is sometimes my forehead gets so tight, no pain, just tightness, can this be stress related? anyone ever get this.

Hi Raymond, Id like to know the exact thing. I had this feeling of tightness across my forehead and it got worse where I felt like I had a tight cap on my head. I was told it was neuropathic pain and was put on gabapentin which did help. I too thought it was caused by stress. You just never know what the MS will throw at us but stress does not help our symptoms . Hopefully more people can relate to this. .

yes it can feel like a tight cap, and somtime just like the musles are tensing without control, it bearable, but not ideal, like most of my symptoms.

Think the doctor is looking into tysabri for me, ive to go up to southern g and get some more scans, had blood tests and all that.

Glad Im not the only one who experienced this feeling. Ive been on copaxone for a year and a half now, the tighness started after I was recovering from a relapse that affected my leg. It did eventually go on its own and I weaned off the gabapentin. Tysabri will be next for me I think, but holding off just now in hope the copaxone can keeps relapses at bay. Best wishes Heather