Foot drop

Hello everyone, hope you don’t mind a quick question being asked. Does anyone know if foot drop/something similar can come & go/be temporary? And by temporary I literally mean a day or two here & there? Assuming the answer is no!? Just wondering if anyone would have any idea! Thanks in advance

i went to see the podiatrist at the neuro rehab clinic. he asked how my walking had been. i told him that i stumbled a lot. he looked at my feet and observed my walking. he told me that i had foot drop but not so severe and it could be helped with insoles. he took an impression of the soles of my feet, showing how my weight was distributed. the insoles worked a treat. it is now 11 years later, i haven’t used them for some years because they got really shabby. they helped me through that phase of getting used to an ms body. so ask yourself if you stumble (i felt like the toes of my shoes were catching on the ground). it wasn’t continual but became more frequent. maybe your neuro rehab clinic offers podiatry, if so get an appointment because it’s a good idea to talk to an expert early on. carole

I would say that it would be quite unusual for foot drop to come and go on a daily basis. It’s probably possible to have it for a while and then for it to get better, but not occur for a couple of days then improve.

You’ve not said, but do you have MS diagnosed? Or are you in the process of possibly being diagnosed?