Food feels like it is stuck in my chest?

Hello, I was diagnosed in Oct 2012, I have recently just changed from Copaxone to Avonex. With ok results, no longer having massive red welts, lumps, itches, bad skin, puffy weight gain from the Copaxone. Just a day on the couch with flu like symptoms from the Avonex and then the rest of the week is great! My question is that just this weekend I have noticed what ever I eat or drink it is feeling like it is stuck in my chest rather then my stomach? It is really uncomfortable and makes me feel like I have really overeaten but the feeling is high rather then in my stomach? I just googled another site and a few people with MS have said they too have similar things? So before I rush to the doctors again… I thought I would check if it is a normal MS symptom first? cheers shann_36