Avonex and weight gain

Hi, I have been on Avonex since end of Aug and feeling much better I am glad to say, although i have put on a few pounds since starting it (not just over the xmas period), its kinda getting me down as iprobably do more exercise now as we have a dog and i am out and about everyday with him.

Any advice would be great.

I’ve gained weight since having ms, I also take Avonex but I can’t honestly say it is the cause. Eating too much food and not having the energy to burn it off is the problem.

Great news that you are feeling better. I was on Avonex for many years and it did not affect my weight directly, I don’t think. What I have always noticed with my MS is that when I am ill I lose my appetite and lose a bit of weight, and when I start to gain again it is usually a sign that I am feeling better, eating better, exercising more and (therefore) getting hungrier! Which is all good, in my opinion. If feeling better has given you a healthier appetite, it might just be a matter of being a little bit careful about what you eat, but overall it all sounds like good news to me! I hope you stay healthy and active and that the Avonex really works hard for you.