well it’s been a while since i had one but today’s was a biggie.

tecfidera flush.

my face was on fire so i poured a pint of water with lots of ice.

sip then press to my cheek “ssssss”

ever since the flush stopped i’ve had the shivers.

anyway good company here and gin to follow.

Hello catwomanCarol

I’ve been on Tecfidera for 3 years & still get daily flushing particularly following a meal. Anything that warms your core like a meal or a hot drink may trigger a flush. Suggest daily aspirin or ice drinks before and/or after meals.

thank you. i poured that pint of iced water instinctively. i’ve been taking tec for about 5 years and really didn’t expect this flush. i can’t drink water without ice. so will start aspirin and iced water before meals.