Tecfidera and flushing

Hi all
Have been tecfidera since August and have just recently been suffer with flushing on face and upper torso. Also very itchy. Doesn’t last long but is so frustrating :flushed:. Anyone have any tips with dealing with this
Thanks for reading

I found the flushing to be worse with the morning tablet and that eating a more substantial breakfast (such as porridge) helped. I’ve been on Tecfidera about 3 years now and rarely get the flushing any more so it does get better!

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Ahh. Thank you. Used to have porridge for breakfast and flushing wasn’t as bad thinking about it :woman_facepalming:
Thanks for helping see the obvious

I’ve been taking Tecfidera for nearly 3 years. I only had flushing in the first few weeks I took it after that it stopped. I find taking a thick fruit smoothy in the morning works fine if I don’t fancy anything more substantial or time is an issue.