out of the blue i just had a massive tecfidera flush!

i thought i was an old hand at this and i had just had my brekkie.

then as i got in the shower i became an oompah loompah.

not asking for advice or sympathy but feel free to giggle at me being an oompah loompah!

if you don’t know what they are, they were in the wizard of oz.

just calming down now

Oh no for a second I got excited at your subject I thought you’d come into money and were feeling flush! Should have known it was more likely to be a hot flush! Sorry to hear you’re suffering this today, it must just want to remind you it can do it old hand/ new hand or no hands. It’s a good job you cleared up the oommmpa loompa debarcle last I heard Wonka had called in the Ghostbusters to find them. Hope it goes away quickly for you and you feel much better, cool, calm and collected soon! Xx

Oompa loompa were in Charlie and the Chocolate factory! Short, jolly and orange. Is this you catwoman??

it’s me occasionally when i’ve had my tecfidera.

it’s the trumpness of the orange that really lets me know it’s due to tecfidera.

i really don’t hold donald trump to be a style icon so am not happy about the shade of my flushes.

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Congrats on getting Trump & style into same comment Carol he is beyond grim!

I took tec for a year and always though the flush was an upper body thing, you know that burning across the face, arms, neck… til the day I switched on the light one night when going for a pee and realised that the burn also covered the thighs!

Sonia x

hi sonia,

great to see you back here.

i was soooo orange that i took a selfie!

without that awful pout.

i despise selfies mostly but wanted a reminder of dear Donald!

yes he is despicably grim.

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Hi everyone I’m really confused about these flushes , I was told that I am leaning towards the menopause so I put me flushes down to that .is there a difference?

hi dawn

yes there is a difference.

the tecfidera flush makes you orange!

and has a prickly heat feeling.

menopause flushes make you suddenly hot, red in the face and sweat pouring off you.

aren’t we lucky having two types to choose from?

my menopause was quite early (i was only 40) and short lived.

invest in a can of magicool.

carole x