Flu jab

Doctors have rung me to say im eligible for a free flu jab Never had one before. Must be cause of the ms thing… Have other people had it ? Dont think im gunna bother to be honest Cheers scott

I have been having it for yrs.

Flu can be deadly, bad on it,s own but worse if you already have illness so give it plenty of thought.

The flu vacine is non active so not going to give you flu as some believe.



Hi Scottmarc

I’ve had the flu jab every year for 20+ years (because I also have Asthma), I’ve also had the Pneumonia vaccination.

Having had full blown flu when I was 11, which nearly did for me, not to mention frightening my parents half to death, I would not miss my annual flu jab.

I don’t want to risk another bout of flu ever again. The initial phase lasted about a fortnight during which I lost about a third of my body weight because I struggled to keep food/drink down, I was too weak to get to the bathroom and had to be carried by family members, everything hurt - bone deep pain throughout my entire body, being bathed like a baby was physically painful, the weight of the sheets on the bed was physically painful; I had a mouth full of ulcers; due to the Asthma I struggled to breathe, with every breath feeling like I was breathing razor blades. I was off school for a month.

The secondary phase, once the above had passed, lasted about 6 months - yes, 6 months to recover from a bout of flu.

I know there are people out there who will think the above is an exaggeration - but I can assure you, it is not.

I know there are people out there who think the flu jab is a waste of time, and they are entitled to that opinion, but I will be continuing to have the flu jab every year.


I’ve been having it for years and never experienced any of the horror stories with it and never take the flu.


had it for the first tome last year - no problems at all - and will be having it again this year.


I have had the flu jab for a few years now with no adverse effects. After catching a sniffle a few months ago, my ms symptoms went into overdrive so I’ll have no hesitation about getting it this year. Never underestimate what an infection can do to you when you have ms.

Mags xx


I’ve had it for years now, but had to miss out last year’s because of low lymphocytes. I don’t know whether I’ll be able to have it this year, if I can I will as I don’t want to take the risk of flu. My OH, as my carer, has it too.



Had a few doses of flu even though having it for the last couple of years. I know there was a excuse for them picking the wrong flu one year, but going to give it a miss this year, and see. Most of the most dmd’s are immune suppressants, so purely your choice dependant on age, and any other things going on with yourself.

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Just to provide some balance, I’ve never had a flu jab and have no plans to.

As I’m pretty-much housebound now, I very rarely get out to interact with people and therefore catching infections is very unusual - the last troublesome infection I caught was nearly 20 years ago !


I’ve had it for a couple if years. I view it a bit like accident insurance. You only wish you’d had it when there’s trouble. :slight_smile:


l do not have vaccines - because of the mercury content. l take high dose Vitamin D3 which seems to keep all the nasties away.

NEWSMAX.COM Vitamin D3: Better than vaccines, Anti-biotics.

Dr Russell Blaylock

Been having it for 15 years - booked again for 2 weeks time.

Never had any reaction, but my wife did last year - a sore arm that lasted for a whole day!


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hi Scott, yes iv been getting it for years and iv never regretted it either. I remember how adversely I was affected even if I caught a 48hr flu, it completely floored me . I have had no trouble with flu or had any side effects from the flu vaccine since starting it.

And I’ve just been told that it’s pointless to have the flu jab if my lymphocytes are still very low as you need lymphocytes for the vaccine to work. So that’s that, I didn’t have it last year because of the lymphocytes and didn’t get so much as a sniffle.


Just today told I have reached the dubious age restriction for pneumococcal vacine too…oh joy both arms being jabbed but thank you NHS because I,ve seen elderly people die from both flu and pneumonia and it is nasty.


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I have the vaccine every year and plan to have it again.

I have only had 'flu once, about 20 years ago (and pre-MS), and it was just horrid. I hate to think how it would stir up my MS if I ever caught it again. The vaccine does not offer complete protection by any means, but it is a whole lot better than no protection at all, in my view.



Been getting flu jab about 7-8 years now. Started a bout of flu left me practically bedridden for 3 weeks. Colds aren’t as frequent and never affect me as badly either. For information vaccines in the UK and Europe do not contain the preservative which is a mercury containing compound any more.

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