first thought

hi all just wondering what the first thought was that went through your head when you were told you had MS?

my first thought was "aww b ollocks"

anyone similar?

take care 


When I was first told I had nonepasific MS many years ago I just brushed it off and thought I will be ok.

Now while it is raging through my body I can say a few choice words and they are not clean or pleasant at all.

So I will not write them down LOL



I had been asking if what I had was MS for years, so my first thoughts were relief that I had a name for what was wrong with me, and "I was right".  Then I wanted to slap the smug neurologist, but I didn't, cos I'm not like that (he deserved it though).

Luisa x

Mine was, oh hell what next? Or words to that effect, if you know what I mean!!




I thought: "Ah, so that explains everything!"

I hadn't been feeling very well for years.



I also brushed it off at time,my tingling had gone away,and I felt ok,had a group of students round my bed asking me questions,doc said its ok he knows,this was day i was to get lumbar puncture,,that doc was confident to know i had MS without any tests being done,,

I wasn’t expecting it and just thought ‘oh dear’! I was a bit dazed to be honest.

Mine was same as Luisa...'I was right'.

It could, maybe should, have been the words on Spike Milligan's headstone, 'I told you I didn't feel well'...

Pat x happy2

Hi, well I am still waiting for that elusive definite dx, but back in 1999, when I first saw a neuro and he mentioned MS, I was terrified. After the appointment, I said to my hubby `It could be f****ing kills you!` How wrong and un-educated about MS I was back then.

I know different now.....thank heavens!

luv Pollx

Sadly my thoughts were "I knew it". Had been avoiding going to anyone with my symptoms for about 5 years as my Dad had PPMS and I am a nurse so I knew in my heart what I had, just wasnt in a place to face it back then(bad marriage and disabled kids). But now I have this caring partner who would'nt let me pretend any more and made me face it with him by my side all the way.

When I was first told (when I was flat on my back in hospital) I was so spaced out that the news didn't really sink in, but shortly after I recovered my first thought was that I was the ideal family member to get it (tough as nuts and interested in all things medical) - strange reaction.


strangely, i thought good, now people will know that i’m not an hypochondriac, lazy, etc.

oh man! if only i’d known!

carole xx

yup, i thought that as well.

carole xx

I thought “well at least I’m not dying”!!


I have no idea as I cant remember.

Thats NOT a flippant answer but the truth.

My diary tells me that I was diagnosed in 2005 (I didnt note how I felt)

I deal with one day at a time-cliche I know-but in my case true. I spent many weeks/months crying and upsetting myself that I cant recall stuff. I knew that I had to find a coping stategy of sorts. Its rare that I am alone so if I have been somewhere or done something its usually in my diary and if I havent commented on how I felt re it then I ask the person that I was with if I appeared to enjoy it-if answer is yes then thats good enough for me! I cant turn the clock back-I cant 'make myself' remember so whats happening 'now' works for me happy2

I have also managed to turn this traumatic (I dont use that word lightly as thats what it is/was) symptom into a positive-if I disagree with you then chances are I will forget it! I trust what folk tell me-if they lie then they are lying to themselves-not me.

Some may say niave-perhaps. But for me, its what gets me through each day and brings the folk that I am close to even closer still.

Happy Sunday to you all.

Ellie x

Hi, I just got told last Thursday, the neurologist said, "So you have MS, so what."  My symptoms are too mild to warrant any treatment .. so nothing and everything has changed.  As I sat there stunned I just thought 'oh f***' and haven't made much progress from that point yet.

Sounds like he went to the same school as mine! I work for the medical school in Aberdeen, and generally, consultants are so far up themselves they’re practically inside out! It’s early days for you just now, but you will get your head round it - at least you know that there is a name for what is wrong with you and you’re not imagining things!

Luisa x

my reaction was ok

didnt really understand or comprehend what it was or how it would affect me

i do now though

I Was pleased, it explained six years of strange unexplained symptoms, everyone telling there was nothing wrong , at last it had a name and I was right!

But I was a psychology student and i had “known” myself for a number of years so it was no surprise!