first thought

I was absolutley gobsmacked. When my neuro told me, my first thought was ‘F***’ and my second thought was ‘Don’t cry’ Still to this day I wonder why I thanked him for giving me such life changing news.


It’s an automatic response to thank people isn’t it? It’s like when you go to your GP and they ask how you are so you say “I’m fine” - is this just a social visit then?

L x

Hahahahahahahahahahah Luisa that made my day .

Pat x

Mine was “I ####### told you so!!!” and i wanted to punch him for taking 13 yrs to agree to a lumber puncture that comfirmed it.

BC xx

“Good, as we’d thought for three months,let’s get on with it and get back to work”


Oh my goodness isn’t it. ‘Thank you for telling me I have inflammation of the brain’, ‘Thank you for telling me I have MS’, ‘Thank you for telling me I will always feel the sensation of Pins / Needles’…it’s so bizarre. LOL, that is so true about the GP. When my GP asks me ‘How are you’, I always wonder if they want me to say ‘I’m fine thanks, you??’ or is that just a courtesy question…


My thought was tell me something I don’t already know.

;-o Mary


Your reply made me smile! I DO ask how my Dr is. He asked me so why shouldnt I ask him? But after reading posts on here then I am aware that I am very lucky to have the GP that I do. We see our relationship as a partnership as in he has the medical knowledge and I have the illness-we work together to tackle my symptoms. If we cant then…erm, well nothing! (and so far we are managing as I would like) Neuro? Is that a figure like the tooth fairy?!

Ellie x

I though “at least its not cancer”. I had guessed I had ms with the help of Dr Google so I kind of knew what was coming. I had no idea what MS was a week before, I’m glad I did my homework.

My neuro said: “you have inflammation of the brain caused by mild MS” I will never forget it then he said something about a course of steroids. All I wanted to know is - “how many years before I’m in a wheelchair.” He wouldn’t answer so I insisted again and again not responding to anything he was saying until he said: “40 or 30 years”… I did the math - 57…thought of my parants and their friends who were all older than that and very active and started crying… I could not control it. I did not take it gracefully at all. And I still don’t I’m afraid.

When i was told i said “ok” the neuro then said “you don’t seem bothered about it” my response was “well i can’t change it”. He then explained about it and my sister asked if i was gonna die, the neuro said “yes, we all die at some point” by this point i was laughing and trying hard not to fall out of my seat. He picked up on my sense of humour when he was running the tests. At the moment i’m having a major relapse so the MS is at the top, but i’ll kick its a**e to the bottom soon :slight_smile: x

My first thought was “Now What?”

S**t how will I pay the mortgage if I can’t work.

I used to be a Beauty Therapist and visited a client at home to do treatments for her.She had ms. So when i was told i had ms i burst into tears as i knew what i was in for.

My client had quite severe ms so it was a massive shock to think i was going to be like her.

After the tears i immediately thought ‘what will happen to my kids?’

Teresa. x

Hey Ellie,

I think you have a point. Next time I see my GP or Neuro (I think I’m one of the lucky few with a good neuro), I’ll ask them how they are and see the response I get :slight_smile:


Yes, that’s what I thought it was! Teresa xx