First Rebif Injection Done

Hi everyone

Did my first Rebif injection yesterday… All went well. Phew. What a relief!!

Shazzie xx

Well done

great stuff.

have a glass of wine and some chocolate for medicinal purposes of course.

carole x

Well done Shazzie, keep us updated on how it works for you.

Jan x

Thanks so much for your replies. I really really appreciate it.

I did my second injection yesterday. All good. No side effects at all so far. I am feeling pretty good to be honest. Might be psychological because I am doing something to fight the little ratbag. Must still remember that it won’t mend me but just hopefully slow things down. Last time I saw my neuro he said that I was now SPMS and that Rebif is being looked at for SPMS as a lot of us weith SPMs are still having relapses so it will be interesting because I thought that Rebif was just for RRMS. Fingers crossed eh?

I did have a glass of wine and a take away last night because I was so relieved that they are going ok so far.

I’ll keep you all updated Jen, Barney, Carole and Jan.

shazzie xx

Hi shazzie. You sure he said sp? Didn’t think you would be put on an expensive drug that won’t help at all, as far as I understand it, as soon as you feel your mobility getting worse stop, rebif can do bad things as well as good. Wish I said no thanks, sorry to in positive but thought I should give this reality check so you are aware, hope it works for you. Best wishes

Thanks Squiffy.

I promise you that I really don’t need a reality check. I am fully aware of the pros and cons.

I was d/x in 2005 with RRMS and have deteriorated really badly over the past 2 years and have only just progressed to SPMS (with relapses). I can only go by how I feel at the moment and I am feeling good.

I will of course stop the Rebif if I feel it isn’t helping but fingers crossed I will do ok.

Sorry you had a bad experience with it but there are lots of people who it is helped and I hope I am one of them.



Well done, Shazzie. I really hope it works for you. It kept me relapse free for almost 4 years and it was worth the side effects I had at the outset. I’m so glad you haven’t had any so far. I have always tried to avoid going to doctors etc over the years but when it comes to MS I will take whatever drugs they can offer. I’m on Gilenya now and so far so good. Here’s to drug cocktails (I think I rattle these days) and long may they keep working for so many of us

Tracey x

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Thank you soooo much Tracey for your positive reply.

I am so pleased that it kept you relapse free for 4 years. Hope the Gilenya works as well for you.

Keep positive eh? Positive vibes are good

Have a lovely day.

Shazzie xx