coming off Rebif

Hi all,

it’s been a rollercoaster few weeks. My diagnosis has chnged from RR to SP. After 17 years of havingms I guess it’s not bad going. I saw my other Neuro who does the Rebif programme yesterday, he thinks the time has come to stop Rebif. I was one of the first few people who started the Rebif programme, at the time we could only have the 22 dose and that cost about 10,000 a year! I felt so privalidged to get it.

I think it’s bee a crutch for a long time, while ever I’m sticking a needle into me 3 times a week I’m doing something to ‘fight’ it. It seems there’s not much for me now except treat the symptoms. Make me feel a bit lost and a bit ‘what now?’

How have other people delt with this change? Should I just be glad of no more needles?!

Sara x

Can’t help Sara, just want to bump u back to the front page. X