First Neurology appointment with Consultant! Nervous

Hi everyone, Hoping for advice. I have my first appointment with a neurology consultant (Walton Centre) tomorrow morning and I am quite anxious about what to expect. I have had a number of symptoms for some time and fobbed them off as nothing, this past year has been particularly horrendous. I started having bladder issues last Nov, mainly with frequency and not being able to empty my bladder fully and an infuriatingly slow flow. I’ve had strange sensations in left leg, like water running down it and vibration in the foot. Left hand is numb and quite weak, I drop things all the time and have lost my dexterity. I’ve had trouble with blurred vision, nausea, bumping into things and headaches becoming very frequent. Naturally, I went for an eye test. The optician and then orthoptist (after optician referral) found bilateral eye movement restriction on right gaze. I ended up in A&E recently because of the vision issues and the Dr found total left side limb weakness and sensation reduction. I don’t know if it is MS or similar to anyone else’s experiences, but I’m wondering what I should be asking the consultant tomorrow to make the most of the appointment? I’ve written a list of symptoms in preparation (mostly due to memory issues). Is there anything else you would suggest? Are neurologists scary? Any advice would be amazing!! Sending you all love xx

Hi Evie_roe, Don’t worry. I found my first neurology appointment really reassuring. I had so many fears and what ifs.but my neurologist took the time to explain everything to me, my appointment lasted about an hour in the end I think! He explained the nervous system, what white blood cells are supposed to do, what mine did to my optic nerve; he was brilliant! I know not all neurologists are the same, but I thought that might help to reassure you. Make sure you bring a list of questions, I did, but all of mine were answered before I could ask. Good luck! Bettie x

Hi Evie

Bettie’s neuro sounds wonderful.

My diagnosis made by a general neurologist who does outreach in my area.

He was wonderful too and knew how much i needed to know what the hell was going on with my body.

He phoned me on my mobile to tell me as he knew how anxious i was getting.

Then he had to pass my case on to an MS specialist consultant.

At my first appointment with the MS specialist I was introduced to my MS nurse who sat in on the rest of my appointment as they told me options for DMDs.

I actually was hoping for Alemtuzumab/Campath/Lemtrada but it wasn’t available yet in my area.

I ended up choosing Copaxone.

You can take a friend with you to prompt you if you dry up and to act as an extra pair of ears, make notes etc. That was exactly what I needed.

Good luck

Carole x

Oh Evie! You`re being seen at The Walton!

I went there last year, after years of getting no proper diagnosis at Halifax, Huddersfield, Dewsbury and Wakefield.
I saw Dr Panicker, a Consultant Neuro in the \movement Disorder clinic.

He had me in for a week of tests and found that elusive diagnosis…Spinal PPPMS…he said it is rare.

Look forward to reading how it went.