First fall( not using my walking aids)

I’ve just had my first fall this was caused by me not having my foot up strap on for my foot drop. Also not using my walking stick both of these was not used because of my pigheaded pride and because of that I’ve got two grazed elbows and a broken finger. So I supposed this post is my way of giving myself a massive kick up the back side. I know what I need to do as my wife and eldest son have told me on more than one occasion so just I need to sort myself out and start using the things that have been given to me to help.

ah Neil, you’re not the only one to try to manage without aids. so leave the pig headed pride behind next time and take the foot-up and stick instead. the elbows will heal quickly but the finger may take longer. i broke a finger in a fall and didn’t go to A & E because i was very drunk at the time. it has never been painful but it is now bent. we live and learn!

Yep, I was getting very pig headed when first diagnosed, and I didn’t want to get a stick because it would feel like ‘giving in’… it was only after a fall or two, one of which resulted in what I suspected to be a broken finger as well, and one glorious afternoon when I ended up crawling on hands and knees to get home from the post box about quarter of a mile away in temperatures around 35 Celsius… after that I admitted maybe I do need a stick. And a bottle of chilled water is always nearby as well. I know now that the heat does me in, and to keep away from it!

I’m so glad I’m not on my own when it comes to pride.Thanks for your comments they’re really helpful and make me feel I’m not the only one that thinks like this.

Pigs and pig headed people rule! OK!!

Hmmmm. Ususally when ppl are all over “what will ppl think if they see me with a stick?” I reply : Better than falling over, ending up in the gutter and having to go to A%E. where you will lose 4 hrs of your life. For nothing.

I have sympathy with you.

After two bad falls I’ve ditched my stick and started using a walking frame.

Wheels on the front, feet on the back and folds so easily goes in the car. 4 wheeled ones no good as I’d trip and still go flying!

Had to enhance it so bought some vinyl flowers to decorate and a big buggy caribina to hang my handbag off.

Feel much safer and more independent.

As Bear Grylls says, Improvise, adapt, overcome!!


True onwards and upwards

The saying “pride before a fall” takes on a whole new meaning.


Had a phone call from ot coming out to my house to see if I need some hand rails down the side of my house. Ironically the same steps I fell on at the weekend.


After 28 years with MS I should know better but I still am a stubborn / pig headed muppet. However some stuff has percolated through my thick skull so I am more selective with my stupidity but I reserve the right to sometime be stubborn and struggle with stuff as the sense of achievement can be worth the grief (but not always) Good luck


I’ve posted this before but my stubbornness and stupidity trumps common sense every time.

getting a walking stick, then crutches, then a wheelchair, all made life so much easier for me. For each, I stubbornly resisted to the detriment of my health.

The first of these, the walking stick, also improved my interaction with others, especially strangers who I would literally bump into, the sight of the walking stick showed the person that I wasn’t pissed or a clumsy oaf, but that there was a mobility issue that resulted in the need for the stick.


I fell as I reached for my crutches…my trusty walking aids ! It was agony …Dr diagnosed groin strain. 7 weeks later, still in excruciating pain, an X-ray showed my hip was broken …the ball bit had snapped off. So op to fix it. So mind how you go and don’t assume all pain is MS related!