First Appointment With MS Nurse

I had my first appointment with the ms nurse on monday. i had no questions to ask but she just kept asking if i was sure and how i felt about it all. i dont feel anything because i dont feel any different to what i did before i was diagnosed. in regards to the no questions i felt like a bit of an idiot because she kept asking if i was sure made me feel like i should have questions to ask and that i should feel something. so my question is there anything i should be feeling or questions that i should be asking. i got blood tests taken to check blood counts and if they are ok i am getting started on tecfidera. is anyone else on this and how was it when starting?

I too have only been diagnosed recently. I am yet to have an appointment with the nurse. The thing I find is everybody who I have told are asking me how I feel and like you said, I just feel like I did last week, or last month.

One thing which I would like to ask the nurse she wouldn’t be able to answer unless she had a crystal ball. How and when is this going to affect me?

If you do think of any questions / symptoms write them down. When you meet your MS nurse you often forget things.

What supplements do they recommend. Fish oil/Vitamin D?

Enjoy life now, you don’t know what’s around the corner.

Keep well

Jen x

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Thanks for the advice

Hi, I’ve only been recently diagnosed and like yourself I have been having symptoms for some time which I had put down to getting old, being out of shape etc I got Optic Neutritis in my right eye. This caused extremely blurred vision. This has almost completely cleared up now. I am waiting for an appointment at the end of July to see another Neurologist and MS nurse. I am hoping all the questions I have will get cleared up then.