Fingolimod - Eye Test


I shall be starting on fingolimod soon and I am to have an eye test. The letter from the hospital says eye drops may be used which may blurr your vision. Can any one tell me are eye drops used or not?



Yes they use usual one to dilate pupils and later a yellow eye drops that make everything go yellow.

The super bright and blurry vision went after about 5 hours with me, the dye about an hour.

Thanks for the info Hobs.

Guess I better leave the car at home.


Oh yes… I have driven after lumber Puncture and plan on driving after 1st tablet of G but I would never drive after them drops go in
its impossible.

Definitely - I didn’t have the eye test before starting Gilenya but did have it 3 months after starting. I had the drops to dilate my pupils but had two lots of them. (I didn’t have the coloured drops.) I had them early in the afternoon and it was much later in the evening before my vision felt normal again. My friend and I had caught the train into the city but she was driving us from the railway station back home. I couldn’t even see the train timetable and would never have been able to drive.

Tracey x

I had the eye test but they didn’t use any drops even though the letter said they would. I just looked into a machine. It was all done in two minutes.


I went on 3 machines and after the yellow eye drops thing he shines a blue light laser kinda thing inside and looks into your eyes.

That was the last test at the end. Maybe they did a extra test or something as I’m a type 1 I think all they was ment to look for was no signs of macular degeneration.

Hobs-you mean macular oedema,I think.


Ah yes knew it was Macular something. TY