Financial Assessment next week

Well, we’re now into week 11 of having help from a carer six mornings a week for an hour. Or rather 50 minutes because of the travelling time.

I’ve got an appointment next week for a financial Assessment. I’m anticipating being hit with a big bill for the visits so far.

We don’t have any savings having spent thousands on adapting our home, on wheelchairs, mobility scooter, riser recliner chairs, adjustable bed etc.

But we do have quite a good income, we’ve both got occupational pensions, I’ve got PIP and my husband has his old age pension. But we still have a mortgage, a car loan and a home improvement loan, but I’m still expecting to have to pay in full.

So, it was nice while it lasted, but at over £80 a week I think I’ll have to stop it.

I’m not going to sleep for worrying about this until it’s all over.

Hello Flower pot , I’m sorry I missed this . I think different authorities do different things. I have 18 hours direct payments a week and don’t have to contribute anything. I get pip at the highest rate but don’t claim esa. I think I’d probably have to contribute if I was getting esa. I couldn’t manage without the help, I’ve got children so some helps me cope as a mum and some for appointments social ect . I have a motability car with open insurance so anyone can drive it . Lee still works full time. He tries to work from home some of the time. We still have a mortgage. My Aunty Shelia looks after her husband and son with learning difficulties and she has to contribute for their care out of their dla. I’m not sure why but it seems that all authorities have their own rules and sometimes you find if you get it in one hand they take it out of the other. I hope it goes well for you. Michelle and Frazer xx

Thanks Michelle and Frazer, I’ve decided not to worry about what might happen because it might not!

I’m pretty sure I’ll have to contribute, which is absolutely fine. It’s just how much I’m concerned about.