So - in March this year I was diagnosed with RRMS. I’m just getting my head around it. I work full time, self employed, in a job where I see clients so if I don’t work, there is no income. I have no life/ health insurance/ income cover and I’ve recently been declined after making applications. Do any of you know of anyone who will cover me even if it’s except for the ms ? It’s a bummer that I have no back up or cover if I have a bad time?

thank you in advance

There are insurance companies that will insure you for eg Cancer, but obviously any condition that is related to MS will be excluded. Any complications with MS health related illness will also not be included. If you approach the big companies they will advise you on these matters. Be sure to tell them of your dx, they will quote you accordingly, MS excluded.


i will try again, I was told to try a year after diagnosis by one company.

i will make another attempt with a big company