Finally getting to see a neurologist:)

Hello everyone, I hope you are all keeping well.

My story is a crazy one. My problems started with my face and mouth. Recently a GP has given me carbamazepine as she thought that I had a condition known as trigeminal neuralgia, my dentist thought this to as I originally went to him. I had this pained feeling on the right hand side of my face the pain had a pathway down my face starting in and around the boney part of my forehead and making its way down through my cheek. I was trying my best at university and I couldn’t concentrate this pain turned into crawling in my face and my head and buzzing aswell, seeing your grades drop and not know what was causing this feeling was crazy. I lead a healthy lifestyle and eat good food, exercise and drink 0 alcohol and I don’t smoke. I cut out any caffeine in my diet which is a good thing let me tell you. I have seen my dentist many times with excruciating facial pain, I have had surgery, teeth pulled and rootcanals, the last bit of treatment that I had got done the dentist noticed that my nerves where damaged, my gum had also been bleeding. I still am unsure as to what is causing the damage, its all the time and ,my poor teeth suffer, from tooth loss. More recently after finishing my 2nd year in university for the summer I have no stress in my life at the moment,however the symptoms are still occuring. I ended up in hospital this year for around 5days on heavy painkillers which did “nothing.” No one listeneing and I kept on getting them, I was also getting treated for an infection which there was no sign of in my blood tests. ended up in hospital because I have this crumpling feeling in and around my torso a; a denting feeling like someone is kicking me constantly and its going inward, one Dr; suggested it may be MS and commented on my low vitamin D levels as there maybe a connection, anyways I felt alone even when everyone was around me as no one knew what was going on, I was weak and tired and couldn;t stand up for myself in the way that I wanted. This crumpling feeling in my torso and sternum will come on randomly and I have no Idea why but it stops me in my tracks. More recently my right arms and legs is getting an odd sensation mostly when I walk and my body temp rises it is a tickling sensation like a giant glove is on my leg and arms. While I was at my GP recently I had to really ask for a referral as I just need my life back on track. This might be some other condition but I decided to check on the MS webpage. The probem I feel is of a neurological nature.Thank you very much for taking the time to read this!

we do understand the frustration of being stuck in limbo. the crushing feeling sounds like the ms hug. tell the neuro when you eventually get to see one. i hope you are taking Vitamin D now. the ones you can get on prescription are quite big so i buy mine from amazon, small softgel ones, which considering i take 5 at a time is a relief.

Hi, I literally feel your pain. I started with trigeminal neuralgia last year. I just got my MS diagnosis last week. You really need some answers from a neurologist.

Betsy I really appreciate the reply from yourself. It’s all a bit crazy at the moment. The trigeminal neuralgia comes on and off at times. Take care. Godbless

Laura Gardiner

Thank you very much Carole fore the reply.:slight_smile: