Finally diagnosed

After 4 months (very short) in comparison to some people’s wait, I have finally been diagnosed. Just back from my neuro appointment. Ahhhh. I don’t know how to feel. He was very positive, and even said mine was one of the mildest forms he has seen. But, I can’t ignore it. There was new activity on my MRI. I have mixed feelings. I do feel relieved in some sense, but now I’ve just had a big long cry. It’s all very real now they’ve put a stamp on it… Ash :slight_smile: x

It’s perfectly natural. I felt relieved and upset x

Sorry to hear you have a DX but good to finally have a answer The limbo land is rubbish Gray

I know it’s only natural. I have to look at it this way, there are far more worse off people than myself and its not the end of the world. I’m feeling fit ad healthy. Ash x

Dx is defo better than limbo land, at least I have answers now and if I want I can start DMDs. Ash x

That’s a good attitude :slight_smile: my symptoms have got me down lately, but today I’m photographing a lady that’s about to start chemo. It could always be worse x

I know it’s going to be hard. Chin up MrsChicca x definately there are always more worse off. I am grateful for my health at the minute, this news has just put things in perspective for me :slight_smile: Ash x

Hi Ash

I was dx’d quickly too (first symptoms December, second relapse March, formal dx April) four years ago. At the time it was a bit of a shock but then I realised I was lucky to be dx’d so quickly. I would’ve hated to be in limbo for years like some people.

At least now you have some answers and can access the right treatment. Be kind to yourself, if you need to cry then do so because it will take time to sink in. If you need advice and support, you will always find it here. I found this forum after I had chosen my DMD and I wish I had found it earlier.

Take care

Tracey x

Thanks Tracey… I know this forum has been great for support an advice. I have been very lucky with my quick diagnosis. I’m def thankful for that. I have been told dmds are available to me now, but I am going to put them off for now as I am going to Australia in 3 weeks for at least 6months. Just great to be out of limbo land! Take care, Ash x

Hi Ash

Sorry about your d/x but like you say it is better than being in limbo. You will get loads and loads of support on here. We are all very supportive.

It is natural to have a cry but it does get better, honest!!

Look forward to chatting with you.

Shazzie xx

Hi Ash,

Welcome to the club. Mine is very mild too and with only 3 relapses in 12 years. No medication for me and no repeat visits to neuro-bods either.

It is a bit of a shock. I don’t really remember what the neurologist told me, I had to go research myself but it doesn’t automatically mean that your life is over and that you will send up unable to look after yourself. I still go to the gym and I still go dancing. I bought a stick - for long train journeys etc, just in case - but haven’t had to use it. In fact if I hadn’t been told I had it, most of the time I wouldn’t know. In fact most of my time on here is just trying to make Shazzie laugh (hehe)

Take care and I’m sure I see you on again.

JBK xx

Hey Ashmash

I was dx’d last Thursday, well at least thats what my wife tells me, that was what the neuro we saw said. All I heard was “you need to tell the DVLA” and the rest is a blur.

I think that I am stuck in some sort of denial and my mind wont accept that I have MS, bit strange but hey ho. I wasn;t told what type I have, but was told that the MS nurses would be in touch with me. Not sure that I will be offerered any DMD’s as my neuro thinks that I have been able to survive this long without any, that unless my symptons start more often (relapse?) its best not to take any drugs.

I’m glad that you have not had to wait to long in limboland.

Thanks Shazzie, I’ve had my wee cry I’m all good now. Wow that’s really reassuring and comforting to hear JBK, hopefully I will be able to say the same in 12 years too xx

Thanks Shazzie, I’ve had my wee cry I’m all good now. Wow that’s really reassuring and comforting to hear JBK, hopefully I will be able to say the same in 12 years too xx

Oops… I Duno why that sent twice… Hey number, sorry to hear of your dx aswell, but hey at least we’re out of limbo land which isn’t much fun! It is a bit of a shock I know but now we can just get on with things and look towards the future. Neuro offered me the MS nurses and dmds, but as I’m leaving for oz in 3 weeks I wouldn’t be seen in time anyway and I don’t want the hassle of starting any medication right now. My neuro has said if te table was turned and he was in my shoes he would go off to oz and see him when I return so that’s what I’m doing :slight_smile: Jennifer, sorry to hear of your dx also, but there is a lot of positives to come out of a dx I guess. Yes plenty of room in my suitcase, hop in! Haha… I will be sure to keep in down when I’m ‘down under’ Ash x

Hi Ashmash,

I was diagnosed last December and it was all a bit of a blur really. Haven’t had a great year but it hasn’t been too bad either. I’m in Ireland also (and also called Aisling lol).

It’s a big shock and it takes months to get your head around it. I’m still coming to terms with it and have days where my head is wrecked thinking about it all.

Eventually though it just becomes something that is there in the background, unless you’re relapsing.

Hey Meme, Another Aisling yay, where abouts are you? I’m up north Co.Armagh… Yes it is a bit of a shock even though I have had four Months to get my head around it all, deep down I thought today I was going to be told it was just a one off thing and not to worry about anything else. I have been offered DMDs, but as I’m leaving for oz in 3 weeks there is no point. However, even if I hadn’t been going away I don’t think I would start on any medication just yet as I have only shown one new lesion and I am having no symptons (touch wood). I’m just going to put it in the back of my head and not think about it too much and try and look after myself best I can :slight_smile: Ash x

Hi, my first reaction when I read the title of your post was;

Oh how lovely!

Of course I realise that is a very stupid thing to say, but all I meant was that you havent had to wait long and can begin to build MS into your life.

Hopefully you will get meds to help and slow down attacks and progression of disability.

Be good to yourself and never beat yourself up for having a bad day.

We`re always here to offer support, advice and even the odd laff or two as well!

luv Pollx

I’m in the wild west, down south. Like yourself I was diagnosed fairly quickly, within 3 months so it was all a bit of a whirlwind. i started on DMDs straight away but it’s a very personal choice as to what to do.

No not stupid at all Poll, it may seem stupid and strange to someone not stuck in the land of the unknown- limbo, but it does finally feel good to have a firm diagnosis. Yep, now I can build it into my life not my life around it :slight_smile: I have been offered to start dmds but I am going to wait a wee while yet, don’t really want the hassle right now ontop of my move plus neuro believes it to be mild and I have no symptons thankfully. This board has been awesome, a great source of info, advice and much needed support… So big hugs to everyone :slight_smile: Ash x