No longer in limbo

Hi everybody,

Im sad to say after many years i am no longer in limbo.

Now i have to choose a dmt and take a course of steroids.

Its weird as im both sad and happy at the same time

Just thought i would give a quick update whilst i process everything.

Once again thankyou to everyone who has helped me through this journey


Hi @Wobbly, goodness I can only begin to imagine the mix of feelings that you are now feeling. Happy that you are no longer in limbo but sad of your new reality. You say that many have helped you through your journey, I am sure that they will continue to do so. Although, I am new to the forum, I wish you well and will like others continue to read your posts and offer support. Take care for now, you have a plan now and hopefully will soon feel the full benefits of that.

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All the best Wobbly.

I get where you’re coming from. Everyone keeps telling me they hope my symptoms are nothing, when I know it’s something and a DX would actually give something more solid. How mad is it that you want an actual diagnosis because you’re sick and tired of being in limbo?

Hope you get things on track.

Hi rogue and gman,

Thanks for your replies , its so strange that you expect the diagnosis and think your fully ready,but when it arrives it hits you like a hammer.

Started to calm down now , trying not to stress as that only makes things worse.

Got a list of hospital appointments as long as my arm as the neurologist recommends that we hit this fast with everything they have.
Apparently im just having relapse after relapse and am currently in a relapse now.

Hope you get help with your symptoms soon , it can be a very long process and sometimes you may have to give them a shove to get some answers.

In the beginning my doctor screwed up my list of symptoms and told me it was medically unexplainable and not to go back with the same symptoms. How wrong was he.

All the best,