Finally diagnosed

You`re welcome!


Hi Ash,

Sometimes the DX comes as a relief. I would be relieved if I had a dx - limbo land just sucks.

I am glad that you are still going ahead with your dreams of going back to Australia.

Love Moyna xxx

Gotta say Ash - its nice to have another Norn Iron person on here. I’m originally from Co. Antrim - Ballymena actually (big shopping centre and all that) but I now live in Co Durham.

Take care


hi ashmash

good for you getting dx and planning to go to australia.

have a fantastic time out there

carole x

Yes Moyna I would regret it forever if I didn’t go back. I’m not gona let this wee hiccup disrupt my plans :-)) Ballymena hi! I’m from Lurgan JBK, spade town! :wink: Thank you Carole, I will try :slight_smile: Ash x