fibro / MS, new symptoms

I was told I had fibro over 4 years ago. But been getting other symptoms that I think don’t go with fibro, like numb tingly face & arms, sleep episodes, nerve like electric shooting pains, and this past week a really weak heavy aching right arm, and my right leg keeps buckling as I walk. My symptoms seem to be getting worse as the days go on.

Does anyone have these symptoms.

Victoria x

Hi Victoria . I have MS so don’t know about fibro but do experience electric shooting pains in both my legs and more recently my right thumb ( feels like I could light a cig with it !!) when I get the shooting pains I think my leg will give way but never does. Have also had the heavy arm prior to diagnosis and chest pain at the same time which the des in a& e told me it was a panic attack!! ( not a panicky person and never had one before) 3 months later MS Dx . Everyone is different and a lot of symptoms mimic MS so maybe it’s the fibro I can’t say. Hope you feel better soon Janet x

MS and Fybromyalgia are both auto-immune diseases and connected to vitamin d3 deficiency. Just google them ie: vitamin d3 deficiency fybromyalgia you will get some useful info.

Yeh iv had a vit D blood test its ok, I’m not low in it.

Hi Victoria, I’m currently on a group therapy course for CFS/ME. There are a few people there with fibro and the specialist OT running it said that fibro and CFS are on the same spectrum as is FND (functional neurological disorder) which is my current diagnosis. I get the numb, tingly face, shooting pains, weak and heavy arm(s) and my knees buckle for a split second. I’m seeing a neuro next week and continuing to question MS. I’ll be taking my summary, written from my trusty symptom diary. Keep asking for help until you get what you need x

Gd luck with your appt Reikiblossom will be interesting to hear what they say next wk.

i think I need to do a symptom diary will be gd to show the doc.

Vic x


I too had a dx of FM about 2 years ago - not so convinced now - too many other symptoms which are not classic FM (not the radio station). I have posted the details of my symptoms for advice from others but yes I get tingling and shocks (like a cattle prod touching the skin) and the very heavy limbs which makes tasks and walking difficult. Waiting to see if I get response or advice