FES and muscles

Hiya guys

Hope you’re all as well as can be!

After wearing a foot brace without knowing what it is, my foot drop has got a lot worse and my leg muscles are very lazy!

The new physios are now suggesting using the FES to aid my walking as both my pairs of trainers have started talking (i.e they have huge holes in the front!).

I wanted to ask, does using the FES further weaken the muscles? Because I’ve had two different responses from two different physiotherapists.

Is there anyone that uses it or has any knowledge about it that can maybe help?



A traditional splint will restrict movement and cause muscles to waste through lack of use, so not a good solution in my view. The fes can help build muscle strength over time, if used regularly. I suggest one of your physios is poorly informed.

This thread might help.


And I will second whammel - my current physio told me that FES could be specifically used to improve muscle condition.

She also suggested that I ask the folks down at Odstock when I am next there.


I love my FES. My walking is very poor but I manag about the house and office with my FES and by holding on to things or using my push along walker. I wouldn’t manage this without FES. I think you should see about getting it, it might not suit you but no harm in trying. Cheryl:-)

Hello Zak,

You will think you are in a dream world when you get the FES. My physio crought one round for me to try out and I was truly amazed at the difference it made. I walk a bit flat footed like Herman Munster now, but when I had that FES on it seemed to give that bounce back into my walk. I was originally refused it, but my neurologist used his magic wand and now I am due to have my own FES fitted at the end of the month - I can’t wait!