feeling very upset and angry

i am feeling so angry and upset right now.
i was in my bedroom and about to leave to go in living room when i fell very hard and fast, no warning onto my knees.
i thought i broke my leg but not broken but hurts alot. as do my arms too.
i am so angry that M.S has taken away so much pysically from me ansd my head has taken the rest
and if anyone wonders why i feel like ending it , maybe live for a minuet in this crappy body and f***ed head of mine…

im sorry for the rant , im so upset now and in pain i just just need all this to go but it wont its incurable

Hey bud

i know where your coming from,?diagnosed PPMS a year ago, last 3 years body feels like it’s falling apart! But try to see ending it as MS winning, and don’t let the the [ edited ] beat you! I try to see everyday I can do anything as another day I beat the MS! My thoughts are with you brother!

Mr Wobbly

Its crap isn’t how your life can change so quick and so drastically what i wouldn’t give to have my old boring life back , but that is not going to happen. So we pick ourselves up and swear and put some arnica on our bruises .

I hope your day gets better and you can cope with stuff better tomorrow.

Take care Katy

hello and thankyou both of you.

im still feeling very achy and delicate and having to try to act normal around the flat doing stuff… all i want is rest. if my husband says one more time for me to stop wallowing arhhh

im not wallowing im angry and fed up that i cant do stuff like i used to.

anyway i hope you are both as well as you can be.



i feel pretty much the same, just now, i have a family that treat me like dirt and i think just what is the point.


Having a rant is perfectly reasonable under these crappy circumstances. Feeling angry is also an appropriate response. When I feel like this, my refuge is in my head remembering all the good stuff and luck that I have had in my life. I need to be careful not to resent that those things have passed. Feeling angry is OK but I would suggest only small doses as it uses vast amounts of energy that I no longer have. If your husband can not understand how you feel get him to put some mittens on , tie some bags of sugar to his arms or legs and ask him to butter some bread or hang the washing. He should start to understand. All the best



I totally get where you are coming from. Massive hugs…the frustration of MS is out of this world. People being negative and not understanding just adds to the weight of the disease. The smallest of things can bring light to the darkest of days and sometimes the small things need to be celebrated.Thats how I get past the darkest days, I look for the the light, anything positive I can attribute to my day.

Hope you feel better soon.


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I loathe falling over (always lightening fast) and the massive effort to stay upright… and another thing ! fatigue is invisible. It is so much more than being tired or warn out. So that my wife can differentiate we do not use the word fatigue which can be considered as just very tired. If I tell her that I am “banjaxed” she knows that I am really up against it and she will cut me some slack. It is all about picking your coping strategies. Good luck


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Hey Moo!

you have every right to rant, rave, be mad and feel totally fed up. I wish I had a magic wand to take all your pain away. May tomorrow be easier for you, sending loads of positive vibes, love and hugs x

It`s a right chuffin chuff…and no mistake!