Feeling low

I’m feeling very low lately, I think I’m in relapse as my energy levels are very low. I’m ok for first 2 hours of the day then im fit for nothing. I was diagnosed with rrms in 2015 & take tecfidera daily since then. I normally work 5 hours a day without much problem but at the minute I’m struggling to do this. I’m not getting to sleep at night for 2 hours after I go to bed. I also take 4mg of amitrypilline at night, but I have no pain that’s keeping me awake. I’m worried that I will have to give my job up but don’t want to do this as I enjoy what I do & don’t want to go out sick with as I had 3 weeks last year sick & don’t think it will go down well.as my boss was on phone every 2nd day to "see how I was" & I felt under pressure. I try to swim twice weekly but I’m finding that I don’t have energy st the minute. All this is causing me anxiety which the swimming helps with so it’s a catch 22 that if I can’t swim my energy & anxiety gets worse. Ms nurse told me to take time off but I can’t afford to as I only get ssp when off. I’m seeing neurologist on Monday but can’t see that they will be able to do anything different. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Hi there - i’m in much the same boat - still very busy & working full time but my body & MS is struggling to keep up - I go to the gym & I often wonder am I taking too much out of myself but it keeps me sane. Its a tough one but I am starting to put myself first for a change & learning to say no.


Hi Dumbo

Sorry you’re having a hard time of it. Carrying your worries certainly won’t help with your energy. With your sleep, some excellent advice I heard was to get up if you’re not asleep after about 15 minutes, and do something relaxing like read or do puzzles (but not on your phone/\computer), then don’t go back to bed till you feel sleepy. If you still don’t fall asleep, get up again. You want your brain to associate being in bed with falling asleep, not being awake for 2 hours. Don’t clock watch. Have low lighting in the evening. Give your brain something to concentrate on when you’re in bed, so it’s not thinking about sleep (if needed I count backwards from 1000 in multiples of 3 - 1000, 997. 994 etc - I never get below 900 before I’m asleep).

With work, could you talk to your HR department or boss about how to make things easier? If you’re able to claim the disabled component of working tax credits, that could help fill the gap if you reduced your hours a little.

And one simple but surprisingly effective trick is to smile, and don’t frown. When we smile, even if it’s a fake smile, our brains still release happy chemicals that improve our mood. So make yourself smile for 5 minutes throughout the day.


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Hi what time do you take the meds? Amitriptyline can make you feel down, without energy in the morning so it might be the meds. they are for depression originally. If you dont have pain then not sure the purpose of them, as the lady next door takes them and they keep her awake lol. funny enough we were talking about it yesterday. she is on them for depression.

sometimes it is just down to meds. they may not be suitiing you.

I think also you are way too hard on yourself. You have MS and therefore entitled to feel tired and fatigued its the nature of the beast. whilst you are in this funk, talk to your boss they have to make reasonable adjustments for you.

are you seeing your neuro this monday?

the more you worry the worse you get. I find i wake up every night in pain, so i have a heat pad, and i use it to soothe myself i lay on it with it on low (it turns off after an hour), and the warmth lulls me back to sleep.

Instead of swimming how are you walking? Maybe you need some good old fresh air. go for small walks (take umbrella lol and face mask (JUST KIDDING LOL). SOMETIMES fresh air is the best thing.

but never turn phones or computers on as its too much of a stimulus.

anyway i wonder if its your tabs.

also talk to HR.

and stop being too hard on yourself. xxxxxx

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Thank you all for your replies, my neuro decided to put me on 200mg of amantadine for fatigue. Not sure how long it takes to work, so fingers crossed, I’m on my second day today & I don’t know if it’s the amantadine or all in my head, but I don’t feel as tired today. Thanks to you all again x

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Hi Dumbo, your last post sounded a Re amitriptyline…yes they can be for depression or for pain.

Ive been on them for 20 years, as pain relief. I believe they are a wonder drug! Youre on a very low dose, so I doubt they are making you tired.

You say you think you are in a relapse…can you equate your current mood/feelings to your last relapse? If it is more or less the same, dont be too rash and think about retirement…yet. It could pass to a better situation.

As the others have said…ask your HR for adjustments to help. It is so wrong to badger you during sick periods…you need to stand up to that…easy to say, I know.

I take 50mg at night and they do keep my nerve pain away.

Hope the amantadine helps.

Pace your activity level and try to get good quality rest.


I too am feeling extremely fatigued for the last month or so. I did wonder if it is a relapse as there are other symptoms too but also wonder if it is to do with the long dreary winter. I rarely get out in the daylight / fresh air so feel maybe my vit d levels are down. I have Pernicious Anaemia which also leaves me drained but this is worse than the feeling I get when I need my next B12 injection. Roll on Spring. Take care and I hope the Amantidine helps. Ell