No one understands 😔

Recently I’ve gone into a very dark place, I struggle sleeping, no appetite, go from sort of happy to irritated and sharp tongued.

I was diagnosed with RRMS nearly 4 years ago, had several relapses last one around 8 months ago… I can feel the beginning signals again with the MS hug…

I’m currently signed off work due to “low mood” I find it extremely hard to open up to anyone especially my gf…

I climb into bed usually around 11pm but then lie awake till 4/5am which results in me sleeping in till early afternoon. Yet once I wake and grab a shower I’m ready for bed feeling tired and irritated

I’m at my wits end now, I used to play semi pro football but after fighting against it I had to give that up, then started swimming but my body couldn’t handle the aftermath so now I’m left with no outlet to let off steam so to speak

Anyone have any suggestions to help before I self implode

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Hey pal - totally understand what you’re going through - I have been there myself - MS doesn’t give you anything but it takes so much away - if possible have a chat with your GP and get some medication to lift your mood and help you sleep at the proper times - I resisted tablets so long but they help me see things in a more brighter way and level off my frustration at this bl00dy condition - feel free to come on here as alot of us know the score - good luck and stay well - Stephen

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Hi there, I do feel for you, as I have had a bad low mood period this year too.

MS sucks but we cant give it back and have to find a way through this horrible quagmire.

As Redman says, maybe have a chat with your GP and let it all out.
I hope he can help you.

Hi, was and probably still on same page as you. I have RRMS, diagnosed 2007. A lot has happened all good but for about 3-4 years, ms is starting to make a scene. I was active and now the ms likes to get in the way. My wife said it’s like a grieving process of what you use to be able to do. It is difficult to accept what is happening and to set limits, knowing the ms has the upper hand. Im a bugger for pushing myself but that leads to me being frustrated and giving bad vibes. I also don’t talk, i keep it in my mental box, which then makes me create questions and answers, but then i question my answer then my answer questions my question if that makes sense lol im sane honest.
Ive avoided this forum as i didnt want to accept what im going through and making it real. i only came on here about 2 months ago. Starting to help talking about my MS.

Soz if im droning on but as the famous advert from BT ‘It’s good to talk’ (im still learning, but getting there).