feeling good !!

Hi All

Just wondering if there is anyone who is feeling good, and i don’t mean the polite yea I’m fine

but genuinely good and heathy.


Hi Simon

Yep, I’m feeling pretty chipper right now. I wasn’t for most of the day, but this evening I went to hear a guest speaker at a church near me, who’d come over from the States. He’s very encouraging and affirming (and funny), and helped remind me of the importance of intimacy with God. It was much needed, and I feel much lighter now


It is morning and the sun is shining, and yes, I am feeling happy too. Thank you for your uplifting message!

I don’t feel great but I am much happier having read this post. Thanks for sharing the good stuff.


really good to get positive replies perhaps after all people asking how are you? only mean how are you feeling they don’t expect nor want a full medical account of all body functions etc. And yes i do feel good a lot if not most of the time (frustrated in my self but that’s life) Simon

It’s really odd to be asked ‘how are you?’ by GPs, when clearly if you’re seeing them, something’s not quite right. Even more surprising to be asked by a doctor in A&E, just before they ask what’s brought you there today!

But the response of ‘I’m alright’, starts to come naturally until I remember that actually I’m not.