Feeling 'fobbed off' by doctors

Hi everyone. I’m not yet diagnoised with MS but have been struggling with symptoms for quite some time now. I’m starting to feel very fobbed off by my gp who has not been too helpful other than making a referral to the neurologist who I am hopefully going to see next month. The thing is I think she is lying to me hoping I will snap out of my symptoms! She has told me the following which I don’t believe to be true and I wonder if someone can help me out here with some answers … Doc says I’ve had a blood test to check for MS and it came back negative She says as I don’t have optic neuritis then I don’t have MS She said my blood test for auto immune disese came back negative (highly surprising as I have had Alopecia universalis for over 19 years!) My symptoms are really starting to impact on my life and my work and I’m just starting to feel so depressed that I can’t make myself feel better :frowning:

Hi Emma, I don’t know what your GP is playing at but there is no definitive blood test for MS. If only it were that simple to diagnose. I have MS but have never had ON - it is not necessary for a dx of MS to have had this. I hope you do see a neuro as he/she will be far better qualified to help! There are many things that mimic MS so you may have something simple that can easily be treated - let’s hope so. Good luck with getting an appointment. Teresa xx t

The only positive thing i can say about your GP is that she has refered you to a neuro where you will get the help you need. The neuro will send you for any tests he/she feels could give you answers to the symptoms you are getting.

After you have seen the neuro and are in the system i would change your GP.

There is no blood test to check for ms. Not everyone with ms has had Optical neuritis.

I’ve never heard such rubbish! oh sorry - yes i have - from my own GP! (he knows very little about ms also)

You may not have ms as so many conditions have simular symptoms but the neuro is the person to take this forward.

Good luck and best wishes


I completely agree with the Teresas. There is no blood test and I’ve got MS and I’ve never has ON either. A change of GP seems like a sensible move! It might be worthwhile asking to see the neuro referral letter - if your GP is being unsupportive, the letter may not be helpful and may put the neuro off. Best to know before the appointment so you can be prepared, if necessary. Karen x

Ditto to all of the above.

GPs can not determine if someone has or is likely to have MS.

Find yourself a more competant GP, eh?

luv Pollx

Hi emma

OMG your gp is lovely, I’m lucky my gp is very friendly and supportive but finds it all frustrating herself, make sure you have a list of symptoms and when they started to take with you for your neuro appt. I’ve also never heard of any definitive test for ms, and if being positive for anti nuclear antibodies is the one then I wouldn’t still be in limbo land 12 years later.

good luck with your appt

julie x

I’ve finally got an appointment through to see the neurologist on Monday the 25th feb, my birthday of all days! Hoping that’s a good sign. But now my gp has made me feel like I’m wasting the other doctors time. The symptoms I have are effecting my life though as my partner keeps pointing out to me so I should not feel guilty. Thanks for everyone’s responses on this :slight_smile:

hi emma,

firstly, happy birthday for next monday. the others have given you very good advice especially about changing you gp. you most definately should go to your appt’ and not feel guilty, after all you know you are suffering and you need the proper tests to find out what is wrong. wishing you the best and do let us know how you get on, please.



Hi Janet Thanks :slight_smile: I will keep you updated.