Feeling alone.. Now too alone

Reading so many of these posts makes me realise that I Have not been alone, and there is so many young people like myself having to battle with their parents or love one fighting the monster that is MS. Day to day, and week to week you do feel like the only one, and in a way you are , as the symptons and everyone’s personality and cirumstacnes are different, but MS is the common dominator making us all feel this way.

I am struggling to find support on any of the MS websites for carers/ children that have cared for their parents that have recently passed away. I lost my mum suddenly in January 2015, at the age of 52. I am 24yrs and have never known mum without MS and I have had to watch this disease take over. I have been here sole career since 15/16years when live was becoming a crisis!

I have bereavement counciling but I just don’t feel that it’s unique enough, my mum was unique lady, and certainly one in a million.

I have had to grieve for many years , due to losing mum bit by bit, physically and mentally. But this is a whole different kettle of fish.

Having a real bad evening, don’t know where all this emotion has come from - wish I could make a cure and make mum come back MS free!

I can’t begin to imagine how you’re feeling and I have no words of wisdom. I’m sure someonehelse here will. Just wanted to send a virtual hug and hope tomorrow is a little better xxx

Thank you Janet this is so kind, and the big has been received. I hope there is something a little more specialised or a fact sheet or something as the Ms society and trust have been so useful otherwise xxxxxxx thank you again xxxxx

Sending my sympathies your way, it’s early days yet allow yourself to grieve. These things have a way of slowly changing from being the hardest thing to deal with to a gradual acceptance, hang in there Helen you’ll find a way to smile and laugh again.

Best wishes.

Jan x

Thank you Jan , I just feel I have come crashing down , after having weeks of good days, last night and now this morning I feel like I lost mum yesterday! Not being able to do anything to get mum back is the worst , cause I have always done so Much for her.

The sun is shining today- so mum is probably trying to tell me to pull myself together. Xxxxxxxxxx


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