Feel like I am losing it

Hello all

I actually feel like I am starting to lose it. Months of no answers and I am almost at the ending or start. Don’t really know yet.

Waiting for mri results with the hope of a diagnosis soon. Then maybe all of this will make sense to me.

Feeling exhausted every day. Feel like I moan every day and for me being a really positive person I struggle with that. Struggle to work and determined not to do sick time.
Just don’t know much more I can take really.

I am interested on people’s reactions on being told diagnosis. I really don’t know what to expect. I have the fear of god in me that they will find nothing in my mri and months of suffering is just not going to make sense. But at same point I really don’t know what I will do if it is MS as I am just getting worse every week there is something.

I want to run away

i have RRMS, i was diagnosed in 2007. Signs of something not right in 2005/2006. I thought i was having a stroke as only my left side was affected. When i was told that i have RRMS it was a huge weight lifted off me as i was coming up with more self diagnosis. Cheered coz i had an answer but sore a dark room with no answers. I managed in a way to create a bit off light for this dark room. I can sort of see where im going sort of. But like i said, being told about my RRMS, stopped the self diagnosis. Sort of understanding the limits of the new me. A new challange in life.

Thank you. That really helps! It must have been difficult for you getting your head around it too. Just been to doc and they have now ruled out my heart completely so it’s definitely a brain problem. Feeling so down I just don’t know what to do

Difficult it is, i know it’ll always be difficult, but with MS i feel that working alongside it and not against it helps. The MS gets you at your weakest, dont give it that option. Stay positive, work alongside the MS. If the MS is stopping you do something you use to be able to do, listen to your body and MS. Fighting against MS is a losing battle (sorry for sounding negative) but work alongside it. Things you wouldnt of done before the MS try it. MS is a new chapter in life. Dont turn that chapter into a doom and glood story, make that chapter the story YOU want.

That makes sense for sure. I have started to build a new life already as I can’t do all the things I love anymore. Stand on the beach instead of walk on it. Paint for a small time rather than long time as my arm gets too sore.
Suppose it will all make sense when it comes to results. Thanks so much for your help

Many of us who have been where you are now will relate to your words. It’s 20+ years ago for me now, but I remember very well, and if it does turn out that you have MS, you will look back and remember too. If that happens I hope that you, like me, will look back knowing that, despite all the difficulties along the way and the ever-present fears about the future, you have made a good life for yourself and that things have been, in the broadest sense, OK. Maybe not exactly the life you had envised for yourself pre-MS, but OK nevertheless. We are resilient creatures, and usually more resilient than we think. That’s the thing I would like to have known when I was looking down the business end of a likely MS dx and wondering what on earth I would do.

Thank you Alison. Most helpful. I really hope they are wrong but at the moment my doc is pretty sure. Just don’t feel myself anymore. It’s like someone else in my body if that makes sense

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Hi Suzy, everything you are feeling is completely natural. When our bodies dont work like they did or should, we worry and fear can be a massive thing.

I`ve wanted to run away from myself so many times. Thing is we are never going to be able to do that!

I believe in finding out as much as possible and to be prepared.

My own diagnosis took 22 years to reach…some folk get diagnosed in weeks or months…you never can tell how it will go.
But hang in there chick, keep talking to us and we’ll support you all we can.
Much love Boodsx

Awww thanks so much xx. Yeah I have been researching majorly as if I don’t understand something I can’t deal with it mentally. It’s a real challenge.