Feel a bit let down....

Hi everyone,

I feel a bit let down at the moment.  I was referred last year to an OT as they thought I had carpel tunnel but they don't think it is now. I have seen the OT a few more times since.  A couple of weeks ago after he saw me he said that If I get any worse to call him. I fee l am getting worse (ie my hands, shoulders ankles etc feel very stiff) and I find things harder to do now..even cutting food up and wiping myself after the toilet (sorry to much info). 

I rang him last week twice...went straight to answerphone...anyway he has just rang me...and told me that he is miffed at what is wrong with me as are everyone else..and basically there is nothing he can do for me! (Why then did he ask me to ring).....I'm a little annoyed to say the least. I'am not dx yet...they seem to think maybe a nerve problem...may be fibro. I've had tons of tests ...I think they feel I'm making it up...they don't know whats wrong......but In the mean time...I feel worse.

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Hi Wendy, have you been for a nerve conduction test ?

I ask because i had very same symptoms you describe and always put it down to ms (so did my gp) when i had an appointment with neuro and described my symptoms he said he didnt think the pain i was getting was related to ms but carpal tunnel, he couldnt tell me for sure until i had this nerve conduction test,

I had test which is very simple and painless and sure enough i had carpal tunnel in right hand and border line in left hand

i had op on right hand, have had no pain sincehappy2this was couple of years ago all well now.

sparkly x

Sorry meant to say if you havent been offered it ask gp to refer you for test x

Thanks sparkly,

Yes I have had a nerve conduction far as I know all is well with that and no carpel tunnel.




Hi, I get alot of pain in various areas, legs,feet,hands,back, now as for my hands my Neuro thought it could be carpol tunnel, I even had the op, when the surgen opened it up he said straight away this isn't carpol, then they but it down to my MS, the things we have to go through, good luck, Jean x

Hi Denise,

I'm not dx yet. I have Ulcerative Colitis and lots of MS type symptoms. They don't know whats wrong with me yet. I was seeing an OT as they thought I had carpel tunnel but it turns out I haven't. He told me to get in touch If I got worse, and when I did phone he told me there was nothing he could do. I have been back and forth to my GP (who's not that great) and he told me that I will probably have to live with the symptoms and he gets lots of people who go and see him with the same type of symptoms...and offered to send me for counselling.

I just feel that I am not being supported enough by the medical professionals.



Hi, I understand how it feels to be un-diagnosed and  left hanging in limbo.It`s been 14 yrs of tests,  a variety of neuros who have prodded, poked and made me undergo painful tests, to no real avail.

I`ve had 5 changes of dx, and feel very let down.

luv Pollx