Fed up

Finally got my appointment through to see a nero but it’s 10 weeks away it seems such a long time to wait when feeling so rough. My doctor won’t prescribe any medication for me till he knows what’s wrong with me he also feels that Im not fit to work due to balance and light headedness but that gives me more concern as I’m a single parent we needs to work struggling everyday, I feel like I’m banging my head on a brick wall And getting no where, I feel like getting a loan out and going private but know I can’t afford it sorry for the moan just so fed up

Sorry I’m still moan would like to say this has been going on since July have seen the Nero down hillingdon hospital who ran MRI scans and noticed there was a problem on there so refered me to charring cross so knowing there is something wrong is making the wait even harder

Hi Carol.

Who did you see at Hillingdon / Charing X? (I see Dr Malik.)

Karen x

At hillingdon I saw a professor wise who was only working there to help out as hillingdon had such a back log, at charring cross I have also been refered to dr Malick is he any good x

Dr M is brilliant. As a friend of mine once said, “If you cut him through the middle, it would say MS.”

He’s worth waiting for. You never know though, if you or your GP contacted his secretary and explained the urgency, he might be able to fit you in sooner.

Bit of a warning - he goes really fast sometimes! Hopefully not at a first consultation though.


I know you can’t really answer this, but in your personal opion would you say being referred to him a strong indication that they suspect m s . I’m also glad that you find him good x maybe I need to calm down a bit and just go with the flow of the nhs x thanks Karen

Well, he is an MS specialist who is involved in lots of research and who can get patients tested and treated without any difficulty that I’ve come across (other than the fact that it is really hard to get to see him so things can sometimes take a while!). The reason I asked to be referred to him was that he was in charge of signing off DMD prescriptions in the borough. I don’t know if he still is, but I get the feeling that what he says, goes.

It’s possible that someone would be referred to him if the other neuro wasn’t sure (to get a second opinion), but overall, I think that patients with signs and symptoms consistent with MS who are referred to him are very likely to have MS. Of course, this is pure speculation. He does have interests in other neurological conditions so I could easily be wrong!

Whatever’s causing your symptoms, you’re in good hands.


Thanks Karen your a great help, Going to venture into town today take my mind of off things x thanks again hope your well