fed up of this all its getting me down : (

Had my lumbar puncture 2 weeks after a long wait it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting had tender back for 2 days and was a little uncomfortable whilst doing it but not painful, I found the blood sample more painful.
Had a mri with contrast today wasn’t expecting that just thought it was normal mri she couldn’t get needle in one arm hurt like hell she then used smaller needle in other arm and that one didn’t hurt but the other is still stingy now I hate needles.
I’m just fed up of being poked and prodded its all going on to long its just all to consuming.
I’ve spent most of day in tears I’m getting so muddled with things just really want this all to come to a conclusion.
Does anybody know how long it takes for lumbar results to come through?
Thanks mel

ment to put this on undianosis sorry

hi mel

lumbar puncture results come through quickly compared to MRI results. i think mine took about 2 weeks.

good luck hon, you’re nearly there

good luck

carole x

Hi, I had a 2nd LP in August. I was told the results take about 6-8 weeks. Not had mine yet. I just rang neuro`s sec and she is looking into it for me.

I know how much it gets us down…all this testing and waiting. 14 years its gone on for me now.

luv Pollx