fed up of this all its getting me down : (

Had my lumbar puncture 2 weeks after a long wait it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting had tender back for 2 days and was a little uncomfortable whilst doing it but not painful, I found the blood sample more painful.
Had a mri with contrast today wasn’t expecting that just thought it was normal mri she couldn’t get needle in one arm hurt like hell she then used smaller needle in other arm and that one didn’t hurt but the other is still stingy now I hate needles.
I’m just fed up of being poked and prodded its all going on to long its just all to consuming.
I’ve spent most of day in tears I’m getting so muddled with things just really want this all to come to a conclusion.
Does anybody know how long it takes for lumbar results to come through?
Thanks mel

Hi Mel My LP results took a couple of months to come back. Teresa xx

Omg thats a long time i was hoping a few more weeks

mel x

It takes 2-3 weeks for the test results to be reported to your consultant. It all depends how quickly he lets you know. Sometimes you just have to wait until your next appointment to get results. Ringing the secretary does no good they wont tell you.

Hi Mel Your results may not take as long as mine did, fingers crossed, but as you have probably already found out, you do a lot of waiting around in the quest for a diagnosis. Don’t worry, you’ll get there eventually! Teresa xx

Just got off the phone with his secretary and got a appointment 21 nov so hopefully will know by then, does any one know why they use contrast does it show up current problems or old problems or just make everything more visible?

thanks for your coments

mel x

im not certain, but i think contrast makes lesions more visible, tho im sure someone can correct me on that. (((hugs))) hope u feel better soon.


Contrast shows up “active” lesions: basically new lesions that are in the process of being formed. It is used for two reasons: to see how active someone’s MS is and, to help spot new lesions because these can be small and therefore difficult to see on the MRI (contrast makes them appear very bright white, which is easy to see). It is only useful for new lesions, not old lesions. There is some disagreement about how long contrast is useful for new lesions - the average that people say is about 6 weeks as, after then, the lesion should be visible without contrast.

Karen x