Morning all, Can anyone tell me why we get so fatigued sometimes? What causes it? I have had a chest infection since last Thursday and have been on antibiotics since Tuesday. I would expect to feel rubbish but the fatigue is different. I feel not only tired but my body does not want to work?. I have got up early all this week to take my granddaughter to school, but in the morning I am so tired I don’t want to move and feel like crying. I understand the nerve side of ms, weakness, sensory probs etc., but what causes this tiredness? Moan over, Thank you, Sue x

I really don’t know the answer to that Sue, except to say that my OT told me that my body ‘just couldn’t make energy properly anymore’. To me, fatigue implies that if you really needed to do something, then you would be able to, but for me it’s a complete absence of any energy (if that makes sense?) and I find it difficult to even move.

I’m sure that your chest infection is knocking the stuffing out of you, and I truly can empathise with you hun. I think you’ve done an amazing job taking your granddaughter to school feeling like this. Now I think it’s time to listen to be kind to yourself and have a good rest. Hopefully as your infection clears, you will start to get your energy back.

Mags :slight_smile: xx

Hi Sue, I think I read something about tiredness in MS being a result of the energy demands of damaged nerves trying to do their job. It sounded reasonable to me. Hope you’re feeling much better soon. RedShoes xx